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May 8th, 2018, 7:21 am


No Page This Week

Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of page this week, but I was unable to get page 18 finished in time to post.
With a few commissions I need to catch up on and inventory season at the store, I’m a bit at a loss for time enough to devote to comics for a few days. New pages will resume, however, next Tuesday.

In the meanwhile, you can keep up with work in progress looks at pages on Patreon, as well as get access to pages as finished rather than having to wait until Tuesdays for new SQ content.

On the main website, , you'll notice that the first thirteen pages are quite different in appearance than they were once upon a time. I’ve been working on gradually revamping the artwork for the first episode so that it has a more consistent visual style within itself. I’m not completely redrawing the pages*, the bones of where everything started are still there, I’m just touching a few things up here and there so that everything reads more smoothly. The progression of art will still be noticeable in places.

*You may notice already, though, on pages like 12 and 13, that some changes are a bit more intensive than cleaned up line art, ironed out dialogue, and altered text/balloon style. That’s because after going back through for the revamp, I’ve made some minor changes to some scenes that require the additional panel here and there. Later in act two, there will also be a couple NEW pages added. It will be a while yet, though, before they are complete and available online. They don’t alter the story, though, so don’t worry about having missed something.

If you’re curious about the progress of the new versions of old pages, all edited pages are available first on Patreon as I will only be making them available on the site on a scene by scene basis.

For the time being, I'm going to leave Smackjeeves with the original artwork. I may update it in the future, but for now it'll be available only on Patreon, the main website, and potentially Tapas once I make up my mind about that.

Sorry again for the delay. Thanks for your patience and thanks so much for reading!


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